In recent years, the tourism sector has been developing rapidly, with an increase in the number of tourists and tourism revenues, and efforts are ongoing to further increase tourism income. However, per capita tourist spending is still not at the desired level. To encourage tourists visiting Türkiye to spend more, Yüksel Karakış, Chairman of Yüksel Fish, highlights the importance of increasing the number of high-quality establishments in cities. He mentions that although coastal hotels are preferred during the summer months, many cities, especially Istanbul, continue to attract tourists. Istanbul holds a significant position in both tourism visits and business travel and is considered the hallmark of our country. Many globally renowned brands have invested in Istanbul from abroad, and Turkish companies are also making significant contributions on a global scale. This results in an increase in the number of foreign tourists coming to the city, with tourists from Europe being of particular importance. If we can ensure that tourists, both for vacation and business purposes, spend more time exploring the city, their expenditures in our country will also increase.

Yüksel Karakış emphasizes that dining establishments play a crucial role in encouraging tourists to spend more during their visit. European tourists especially seek high-quality restaurants and show great interest in fish and meat restaurants. Istanbul offers a wide range of choices in this regard, with many restaurants capable of competing at a global level and even surpassing renowned restaurants worldwide. He believes that if we promote our gastronomy, restaurants, quality, and services more effectively, we can contribute even more to the country's economy. To achieve higher revenue from tourism, Yüksel Karakış advocates for the further development of city tourism and increased support for high-quality restaurants.

New hotel investment in Bodrum

Regarding their future investments, Yüksel Karakış mentions that they are currently operating with three branches but aim to expand further and open new branches in Kadıköy, Bodrum, and İzmir. Foreign visitors frequently choose their restaurants, and the most important aspect is that they leave satisfied with the food and service, becoming like ambassadors for our country. If they receive investment credits or incentives for the food and beverage industry, they can take faster steps towards growth. Currently, Yüksel Balık provides employment to 200 people through its branches, and they believe that they can provide jobs for another 200 people with the opening of new branches. Besides branch investments, they also plan to invest in a hotel in the medium term. They are particularly focused on Bodrum, aiming for a $50 million investment. The hotel is planned to have a maximum of 150 rooms, and it will include a restaurant. Their goal is to provide the same level of service in Bodrum, one of Türkiye's paradise regions, as they do in Istanbul. They intend for the hotel to operate as a gastronomy hotel and showcase the quality of Turkish fish restaurants to the world, believing that the country has the capacity to achieve this.