Representing Türkiye, cağ kebabı has secured the ninth spot among the world's finest meals, according to a list compiled by TasteAtlas, a travel guide based in Croatia. Originating from Erzurum and protected by a geographical indication, cağ kebabı has been ranked as the ninth best dish globally.

According to the list, the top dishes include Japan's "kare" in first place, Brazil's "picanha" in second, Portugal's "ameijoas a bulhao pato" in third, and China's "tangbao" in fourth. Following them are China’s "guotie" at fifth, Thailand’s "phanaeng curry" at sixth, Peru’s "ceviche mixto" at seventh, and Iran’s "ghormeh sabzi" at eighth. Ranked ninth is cağ kebabı, one of the most delicious kebabs from Turkish cuisine.


Aegean flavors from Matbah Restaurant! Aegean flavors from Matbah Restaurant!

In Erzurum, cağ kebabı along with kadayıf dolması are indispensable on iftar tables during Ramadan. Cağ kebabı plays a significant role in promoting the city. Despite recent price increases due to economic conditions, cağ kebabı continues to be an essential taste that maintains its popularity.

Editor: Haber Merkezi