It is reported that the portfolio management company Re-Pie Portfolio will make a large-scale tourism investment in Bodrum through its new fund, Artnouve GSYF. Artnouve GSYF's project in Bodrum is set to be one of the largest tourism investments made in recent years.

Artnouve, Türkiye's largest venture capital investment fund, invests in companies that develop new urban spaces and living areas, smart city, and construction technologies, with a vision of sustainability. In one of the biggest acquisitions of recent times, Artnouve GSYF also purchased the world-renowned ultra-luxury hotel brand Aman's Amanruya Hotel in Bodrum. The first project of Artnouve GSYF, together with the hotel, will be carried out on a total of 400 acres in Bodrum-Demirbükü. The project aims to establish a living complex consisting of ultra-luxury villas that will include one of the world's most luxurious hotel brands, aspiring to be the most quality sustainable living area in the Mediterranean basin.

Dr. M. Emre Çamlıbel, Chairman of the Board of Re-Pie Portfolio Management, stated that the project is the first investment made with the $250 million sourced for the establishment of Artnouve GSYF. Çamlıbel said, "With funds from individual pension schemes and the participation of individual and corporate investors, we established Türkiye's largest venture capital investment fund, Artnouve GSYF, which is making its first investment on a 400-acre extensive plot in Bodrum Demirbükü. We will sign one of the best practices in sustainability, not only in our country but globally. Our unwavering commitment is to protect the region's vegetation and the life of terrestrial and marine species. We are continuing our work with the world’s most famous architectural firms. Seven global architectural offices completed their designs, which we have blended together."

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Çamlıbel emphasized that Artnouve GSYF offers domestic and foreign investors the opportunity to invest in the future of tourism in Türkiye, stating, "With the figure reaching $250 million, Artnouve has become an example of collective investment and Türkiye's largest venture capital investment fund."

Editor: Haber Merkezi