According to Kommersant newspaper, the rise in demand for international travel is due to the stability in the tourism market and the successful structuring of weekends during the upcoming May holidays.

Tourism sectors complain about the suppressed exchange rate Tourism sectors complain about the suppressed exchange rate

The most popular destinations for flights departing from Moscow are Kaliningrad, St. Petersburg, Sochi, Vladivostok, and Mineralnye Vody. The most popular international destinations include Istanbul and Antalya, the Maldives, Dubai, Yerevan, and Baku.

High demand for flights to Türkiye

Alongside Vladikavkaz, Gorno-Altaysk, Kazan, Novosibirsk, and Irkutsk, Istanbul and Antalya are also seeing high demand among S7 passengers. Azur Air, which started flights from Orenburg, Surgut, and Sochi to Antalya this year, has also confirmed the high demand for flights to Türkiye.

Meanwhile, the average cost of a round-trip ticket to Sochi is approximately 19,000 rubles, to St. Petersburg 15,000 rubles, to Kaliningrad 16,000 rubles, and to Mineralnye Vody 18,300 rubles. The average cost of international tickets has also increased; for example, the average round-trip fare to Istanbul is 37,000 rubles, to Minsk 13,000 rubles, and to Tashkent and Yerevan around 30,000 rubles, while to Antalya it is recorded at 42,000 rubles.

Editor: Haber Merkezi