Esat Akkaya, the second-generation owner of the 93-year-old historical Özakkaya Bakery, is proud to share the Traditional Çarşamba Kıvratması across all of Türkiye. We discussed the bakery's foundation story, its growth, and its products and flavors with Akkaya.

Could you tell us the story of the establishment of the historical Özakkaya Bakery? Which generation is currently running the business?

Aegean flavors from Matbah Restaurant! Aegean flavors from Matbah Restaurant!

"After the population exchange in 1930, my father, the late Hacı Hıfzı Akkaya, moved from Drama, Greece, to Çarşamba district in Samsun, where he took over a stone oven from the Greeks, which is now at our main branch. This is where we began learning the bakery profession. I started working with dough around the age of 12-13, right after elementary school, just like my father. Even though I am now the boss of my business, I have never stopped being involved in the production side, always keeping up with innovations and continuing to develop new products. I have been in the profession for 50 years, and our bakery is in its 93rd year. We hope to continue healthily. Currently, the third generation is managing the business. My son has fully taken over the bakery management, and my daughter has been successfully selling our beloved product, the Historical Çarşamba Kıvratması, all over Türkiye through the internet for about 2 years."

How many branches do you have today? Could you talk about the locations and features of these branches?

"We have three branches and one cafe-restaurant section. Our main branch houses all our bakery and pastry products, and production is also carried out there. Additionally, our cafe-restaurant in the center offers services like pide, lahmacun, döner, sweets, pastries, and beverages. The bread in our other two branches is produced on-site, while the pastry products are made at our main branch and delivered to our branches on Terme Street and Sungurlu Street."

Could you tell us about the Tarihi Özakkaya Kıvratması? What are the characteristics of this delicacy? How long have you been making this product?

"Kıvratma, now officially recognized as 'Çarşamba Kıvratması,' is a traditional sweet from Çarşamba. It is a staple during festivals and special occasions in Çarşamba. Traditionally made at home, it is rolled around a rolling pin and then squeezed, which is why it is also known by the local name 'Old Lady's Neck.' Unlike the traditional method, we don't roll it around a rolling pin. My father and I experimented a lot, testing various ingredients, recipes, and shapes, until we arrived at the most popular form it has today. We start by preparing a baklava-style phyllo dough, which is rolled out very thinly. Then, we generously add a mixture of hazelnuts, walnuts, and granulated sugar inside. What makes our product both light and delicious is the low proportion of dough in the dessert. We have been producing it under the name 'Historical Özakkaya Kıvratması' almost since the establishment of our business."

OzakkayaWhat are some of the standout products in your bakery? Can you describe them? Are there seasonal products? What are the favorites?

"Initially, we were known for our bread and Ramadan pita. The feedback we receive from the Instagram sales of our Kıvratma has always been from people who lived here years ago and bought their bread and pita from us. Their satisfaction, and if they haven’t tasted Kıvratma yet, their anticipation that 'It must be wonderful' and trust, recommend us to both old acquaintances and new customers. Of course, our Kıvratma is a gem. It has been loved from the very first day. It is often chosen as a gift, especially during festivals. While we have been known for the flavor of our bread and pita over the years, recently our Kıvratma has also been added to these popular flavors. We don’t really do seasonal products; some of our products are always available, while others change. We follow innovations. Whatever is currently in demand in the pastry sector, we learn it, develop a recipe, and produce it in the highest quality possible."

How do you manage your supply of ingredients? Can you tell us about the materials you use?

"The supply of materials is a crucial aspect of our business. If you don’t use high-quality materials, the sustainability of your reputation is at stake. Today, there are many companies and a lot of options for raw material supply. However, finding quality materials requires experience. We generally prefer to work with trusted suppliers without changing them frequently just because someone else offers cheaper materials. This way, the flavor and quality of our products remain consistent. The feedback we receive online fundamentally reflects this principle of not compromising on quality.

Our primary goal is to share our regional delicacy, the 'Historical Özakkaya Kıvratması,' with all of Türkiye. Thank you for facilitating this."

Editor: Haber Merkezi