Having hosted Michelin-starred chefs for the first time last summer, Duja Hotels was awarded the "Best Public Relations Event" at Ace of Mice 2023. Continuing their culinary extravaganza this year, in collaboration with Söke Profesyonel and Savalan Group, the hotel presents an extraordinary experience with a lineup of exceptional star chefs who create wonders with their styles.

Spanish Chef Diego Guerrero in Bodrum

Following the highly acclaimed menus of the first chef, Poala Griffa, and the second chef, Joao Rodrigues, Diego Guerrero also joined the event to delight culinary enthusiasts. The invitation-only evening, featuring the chef's exclusive menu, was attended by many well-known figures from the business and arts worlds, including Hande Soral, İsmail Demirci, Turgut Tunçalp and his wife, Özge Özder, and Sinan Güleryüz.Dujo Hotels

Turkish Cuisine: The Foundation of All Cultures

The renowned chef Diego highlighted that Turkish cuisine forms the foundation of all culinary cultures. He mentioned using local ingredients and historical spices in the preparation of the menu for the event. Expressing his happiness about being in Bodrum, Diego stated that he has served many celebrities, but he particularly enjoys being in the kitchen for his internationally famous actress wife, Marina Salas.

Diego graduated with honors from the Escuela de Zabalburu in Bilbao. He completed his training by learning different dishes and techniques at famous Spanish restaurants like Martín Berasategui, Goizeko Kabi, and elBulli. At the age of 23, he became the head chef at El Refor restaurant in Álava and within three years became a prominent figure in the gastronomy scene of the Basque region and Spain.

Before graduating with honors from Escuela de Zabalburu, Guerrero became the head chef of Restaurante El Refor in Álava at the age of 23. In 2003, he became the head chef of El Club Allard in Madrid. Under his leadership, the restaurant received its first Michelin star in 2007 and its second in 2011. After receiving various awards, including the 2001 and 2002 Pil Pil gastronomy awards, he worked at El Club Allard after receiving the second Michelin star. In 2014, he left the restaurant to work on his own project, DSTAgE, which opened that year. He is currently based in Madrid at DSTAgE and will be in Bodrum until August 15.

Contribution of Gastronomy to Tourism

Volkan Gökay, Sales and Marketing Coordinator of Duja Hotels, stated, "As Duja Hotels, we continue our efforts to bring a different perspective to Bodrum tourism. Last year and this year, we hosted a total of 8 esteemed Michelin-starred chefs who have made a difference in their own kitchens, in this event held for the first time in Turkey. We are delighted to contribute to both Turkish tourism and the development of Bodrum as a gastronomic hub with this grand event."

Duja Hotels invites guests seeking a unique experience, an exclusive vacation, and a gastronomic feast with Michelin-starred chefs.