The opening of the new branch was graced by the presence of Camila Escobar Corredor, the World President, Sebastian Mejia Salazar, the Global Vice President, Julio Anibal Riaño Velandia, the Colombian Ambassador to Ankara, and Cengiz Deveci, the Chairman of the Board of Honest Holding.

The latest branch of Juan Valdez, located at the Turkish Airlines General Management, stands out with more comfortable indoor features compared to its other locations. The Juan Valdez THY Store, with its 170 m2 area, will introduce its unique coffees to Turkish Airlines employees. With this successful collaboration with Turkish Airlines, one of Türkiye's most prestigious brands, Juan Valdez continues to honor its achievements and pursue its rapid growth goals. The number one choice for coffee lovers, the 100% Premium Colombian Coffee brand Juan Valdez, further solidifies its position in the industry with the "2022 Best Marketing Award" recently received by the Juan Valdez Türkiye Marketing Team.

About Juan Valdez

Juan Valdez Coffee is a well-known brand that specializes in offering high-quality, premium Colombian coffee. The brand is often associated with the promotion and export of Colombian coffee and is recognized for its commitment to coffee excellence. Here are some key points about Juan Valdez Coffee:

Colombian Origin: Juan Valdez Coffee is famous for its Colombian origin, and it's often associated with promoting and representing Colombian coffee worldwide. The brand is named after a fictional Colombian coffee farmer, Juan Valdez, who has become an iconic symbol of Colombian coffee.

Premium Quality: The brand is dedicated to delivering premium, high-quality coffee products to its customers. They take pride in the unique flavors and characteristics of Colombian coffee.

Variety of Coffee Products: Juan Valdez offers a range of coffee products, including whole bean coffee, ground coffee, single-origin coffee, and specialty coffee blends.

International Presence: While rooted in Colombia, Juan Valdez has expanded its presence internationally, with coffee shops and products available in various countries around the world.

Sustainability: The brand often emphasizes sustainable and ethical coffee production practices, which is an important consideration for many environmentally-conscious consumers.

Coffee Culture: Juan Valdez Coffee contributes to the global coffee culture by promoting the appreciation of high-quality coffee and Colombian coffee heritage.

Overall, Juan Valdez Coffee is synonymous with Colombian coffee excellence and is a popular choice for those seeking premium coffee experiences.