Türkiye emerges as the country with the highest reservation increase in German travel market this year. According to data from Travel Data + Analytics (TDA), Türkiye is currently the second most sold destination in the country. As reported by fvw, Türkiye sales are up by 45% compared to last year. Data indicates that sales for Spain and Portugal increased by 22%, while the UAE saw a 25% increase.

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"We will experience the best season in Bentour's history"

Deniz Uğur, CEO of Bentour, and the company's Germany manager, Songül Göktaş-Rosati, shared insights with Turizm Güncel regarding holiday sales to Türkiye in the German market, highlighting the exceptionally high interest in Türkiye. Deniz Uğur expressed, "It seems we will have a very good season. This will also be the best season in Bentour's history. While Spain sales are somewhat lower, both Türkiye and Greece are receiving significant bookings. Our target for Türkiye this year was 150,000 passengers. However, current data indicates that it will reach 170,000."

"Türkiye is still affordable"

Deniz Uğur pointed out that even segments in Germany previously hesitant about holidaying in Türkiye are now booking trips there due to changing political-economic circumstances. Uğur noted, "Moreover, Türkiye remains relatively affordable as the whole world is now very expensive. The high demand for Türkiye is also due to the extensive flight network between Germany and Türkiye. Even the smallest airports in Germany have flights to Turkey."

Rosati: cumulative sales up by 50 percent

Songül Göktaş-Rosati, General Manager of Bentour Germany, emphasized that sales to almost all destinations, particularly Türkiye are performing well. Rosati revealed a 50% increase in cumulative sales to Türkiye compared to last year and highlighted an increase of 81% in the past four weeks.

Top selling destinations

Rosati provided insights into the top-selling destinations for Bentour, stating, "Antalya is undoubtedly number one in Türkiye, followed by Izmir, Bodrum, Dalaman, Istanbul, and Cappadocia. In terms of countries, it's Tuürkiye, Spain, Greece, Egypt, and Cyprus."

"Reaping the fruits of our investments"

Rosati acknowledged a robust demand from Germany to Türkiye, thanks to factors such as a broad flight network, all-inclusive family resorts, and quality service. She also emphasized the role of travel agencies in increasing Bentour's sales. Rosati stated, "We receive significant attention from travel agencies as Bentour. This is one of the most important reasons for our growth. Our service, products, and relationships with travel agencies have brought us to a significant position. We have become a more beloved tour operator among agencies. We are growing with the right and sustainable steps. Our Trustpilot ratings confirm this. We are reaping the fruits of our investments, particularly in recent years, both on the agency and customer fronts."

Editor: Haber Merkezi