Where is the new Ramada Hotel being built in Istanbul? Where is the new Ramada Hotel being built in Istanbul?

Minister of Culture and Tourism Mehmet Nuri Ersoy emphasized the necessity for everything to be registered, certified, and documented to elevate Türkiye's position in the global market. He stated, "If you aim to be in the top three destinations globally, you need to have these registered. Everything needs to be supervised and controlled. Otherwise, you're missing out on this game."

"Hotels now must obtain a Tourism Operation Permit"

Ersoy reminded that they have passed a law to bring low-standard facilities such as hotels, motels, and guesthouses under the ministry's supervision if they hold municipal operation permits. "Hotels now must obtain a Tourism Operation Permit from the ministry. Municipalities have not properly fulfilled their duties in the past. They have acted with political motives and turned a blind eye to illegal practices. After passing this law, we gave them a grace period. Then we took action. We wrote letters to provincial governorates," Ersoy stated.

"They will be closed"

Ersoy explained that they demand necessary actions against establishments that have not completed their documentation through the letters sent to provincial governorates. "There were 4,000 facilities. 1,000 of them obtained permits. We are shortening the deadline for the remaining 3,000. Some have expedited their procedures. Hotels that do not obtain permits will be closed," he announced.

"We will not turn a blind eye"

Ersoy also pointed out similar issues in tourism residences, stating, "Villas have been built without dwelling certificate or licenses. They are required to obtain 'tourism residence permits.' Mountains and hillsides are filled with villas. This situation is particularly prevalent along the coasts. They say, 'The municipality turns a blind eye, so should you.' We will not turn a blind eye. From now on, everything will be recorded."

Editor: Haber Merkezi