Turkish Airlines releases four-month traffic figures! Turkish Airlines releases four-month traffic figures!

Yağız Zabun, Vice President of the Project Management Office Almaty, stated that 85% of the airport, including terminals and runways, belongs to TAV. Zabun emphasized that apart from air traffic controllers, they bear full responsibility for the airport, with plans to increase its total capacity to 14 million passengers.

Zabun further detailed that the new terminal, with a capacity of 7 million passengers, will cater to international flights once completed, while the existing terminal currently handles both domestic and international flights with a combined capacity ranging from 2.7 to 3 million.

Zabun also disclosed that the new terminal will feature increased passport control counters and expanded passenger waiting areas, with a total investment cost of $196 million. Despite TAV's ownership of the airport, handling services are contracted through competitive bidding, with Tarlan and Havaş winning the recent tender for international flights handling.

Zabun noted that they have brought forward the opening date of the new terminal, originally planned for August, to June.
Regarding the accelerated opening schedule from August to June, Zabun cited capacity constraints and the aim to facilitate a smoother operating season as reasons for the adjustment.

Looking ahead, Zabun discussed the development of a master plan encompassing the period beyond 2050 for Almaty Airport, outlining expansion plans and potential modifications to aprons and terminals, including the possibility of extending the new terminal with additional piers.

Editor: Haber Merkezi