Kaan Kavaloğlu: The danger awaiting hoteliers is greater Kaan Kavaloğlu: The danger awaiting hoteliers is greater

Fettah Tamince, the founder of Rixos Hotels, met with the press at the Africa Tourism Forum to discuss global tourism and destination strategies. Tamince revealed ambitious plans to expand Rixos Hotels' room capacity to 50,000 by 2030.

“16 hotels and 12,000 rooms on the horizon”

Speaking about new hotel investments, Tamince said, "Currently, we operate 11 hotels with 7,000 rooms in Egypt. Soon, we will open a new location that will alone increase our capacity by 4,000 rooms within two years. This single addition rivals the entire tourism capacity of some countries." Erkan Yıldırım, CEO of Rixos Hotels Egypt, added, "In the next three years, we plan to develop five more hotels, bringing our total to 16 hotels with 12,000 rooms in Egypt."

“Rixos to reach 50,000 rooms by 2030”

Tamince outlined the expansion strategy, emphasizing that the investments are driven by trust in the Rixos brand. "We are not funding these projects ourselves. For instance, in Mexico, there is a multi-million dollar project funded by an investor who believes in our brand. Currently, Rixos has over 20,000 rooms, and by 2030, we will reach 50,000 rooms. Today, we operate in 14 countries, and by 2030, we plan to be in 40 countries. These are all planned and ongoing projects."

“One of Türkiye’s largest hotel groups”

Tamince highlighted Rixos Hotels' significant role in Türkiye's tourism sector. "I never said I would open 100 hotels in Türkiye; I said we would expand globally. We have opened many hotels in Türkiye and are among the largest tourism investors in the country. Our major investments continue, including one of Türkiye’s biggest tourism projects in Istanbul. We are building a new hotel within the Land of Legends."

Expanding in Saudi Arabia, the Emirates, Qatar, Kazakhstan...

Tamince detailed Rixos Hotels' growth in various countries. "We are expanding in many countries. In Saudi Arabia, we are making significant investments in collaboration with the government. We have substantial investments in the UAE, where we are a major player, as well as in Qatar. We are the largest hotel group in Kazakhstan, where we operate nine facilities. Our growth is not limited to one region; we are expanding globally."

Rixos Hotels is poised for remarkable growth, aiming to solidify its presence as a leading global hotel chain by significantly increasing its capacity and entering new markets worldwide.

Editor: Haber Merkezi