In recent years, cultural tourism has become the rising star of the tourism sector. Instead of just sun, sea, and sand vacations, more and more people are looking to fill their holidays with meaningful and cultural experiences. The "Cultural Tourism Demand and Trends 2024-2031 Report" prepared by Expedia Group, Priceline Group, and China Travel shows that cultural tourism will reach a size of $6.9 billion this year. According to the report, the cultural tourism market is expected to grow by an average of 14.3% annually, reaching $17.2 billion by 2031.

Türkiye: A leading cultural tourism destination

Among the countries that come to mind when thinking of cultural tourism, Türkiye stands out. Türkiye, home to many structures and regions listed in the UNESCO "World Heritage List," hosts popular cultural tourism destinations.

A travel experience focused on culture, history and gastronomy

One of Türkiye's most significant tourism brands, Coral Travel, has listed the most popular cultural tourism destinations in Türkiye for those who enjoy exploring new places and tracing the footprints of ancient civilizations. "In these tours conducted with Coral Travel's experienced guides, you can witness the cultural richness of the Aegean, Black Sea, Central Anatolia, and Southeastern Anatolia regions, which are the cradles of civilizations," said Coral Travel Türkiye General Manager Mehmet Kamçı. He emphasized that with the campaigns they have implemented and bank promotions that provide significant savings on holiday shopping, experiencing a travel focused on culture, history, and gastronomy has become easier and more enjoyable.

Türkiye's most popular cultural tourism destinations


Among the most preferred regions in Türkiye tours, in the magnificent Cappadocia, you can see the Fairy Chimneys, witness the splendor of the Ihlara Valley up close, discover the mystery of the underground cities in the region, taste local delicacies, visit workshops where products like pottery and onyx stones are crafted, and join various activities such as balloon tours and Turkish nights.

Aegean and Mediterranean Regions & Lycia

In the beautiful destinations of the Aegean and Mediterranean, you can enjoy the sun, sea, and sand with boat tours, learn about the history of the region through ancient cities, especially in the Lycia region, and savor the local cuisine amidst its stunning nature.

Southeastern Anatolia Region

The Southeastern Anatolia Region, home to many different destinations such as Harran, where the world's first university is located, Göbeklitepe, the world's oldest known historical structure, the city of prophets Şanlıurfa, and the open-air museum-like Mardin with its historical sites, unique nature, and cultural heritage, offers tours where you can learn about the region's history and taste its local delicacies.

Black Sea Region

The Black Sea region, known for its lush landscapes, historic structures like the Sumela Monastery, and natural beauties like Uzungol, offers tours where you can enjoy fresh air and taste delicious local dishes.

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Eastern Anatolia Region

With Eastern Anatolia tours, you can learn about the structures, culture, geography, and history of the region, and experience its delightful local cuisine.

Editor: Haber Merkezi