The 7th International Adana Flavor Festival, held for the 7th time this year, once again saw significant participation. Experts in their fields and influential figures participated in panels held all day on October 6th at the New Adana Museum. Panel discussions covered compelling topics such as "Special for the 100th Anniversary of the Republic," "Mediterranean Gastronomy Tourism," "Menus of the Future," "Breaking Boundaries," and "Introducing New Tastes to Conservative Palates." These discussions aimed to support local production, emphasize the importance of collaboration between the public and private sectors, stress the significance of sourcing from local producers, share experiences and solutions for the industry, highlight developments in sustainability, and explore new initiatives. During the panels, academics, chefs, opinion leaders, industry representatives, association and chamber presidents, and administrators provided valuable insights and shared their experiences with the audience.

A unique train journey experience for the press

On October 7th, Saturday, the events began with a delightful train journey to Pozantı. Adana Governor Yavuz Selim Köger joined the enjoyable trip, during which all guests received information about the region at a historical location, Varda Bridge, and enjoyed the unique scenery while taking memorable photos. Subsequently, members of the press and the hosts of the festival, along with Adana Governor Yavuz Selim Köşger, were welcomed by Pozantı Mayor Mustafa Çay and his wife in Pozantı, where a delightful breakfast featuring local products was served.

Activities were held throughout the day at the festival grounds

At the same time, the 7th Adana Flavor Festival continued with significant attendance at the event area in the city center. Renowned chefs like Adnan Şahin, Mehmet Yalçınkaya, Somer Sivrioğlu, Arda Türkmen, Sahrap Soysal, Melih Demirel, Hazer Amani, Türev Uludağ, Umut Karakuş, and Yoldaş Sönmez participated in various events. There was also a high level of interest in a discussion between the successful sports figure Fatih Terim and journalist Fulya Öztürk. Not only the local residents but also people from all over Türkiye and even from abroad who came to Adana for the festival listened to the discussions and panels at the festival grounds. Visitors had the opportunity to taste Adana's local and traditional flavors at the booths set up for the event. The presentation by chefs on Adana dishes loved by Atatürk also received significant attention during a panel.

Adana will get its fair share of gastronomic tourism

The International Adana Flavor Festival, which received significant attention from local and national media, allowed members of the press to have conversations with the guests and officials who participated in the organization in a designated area. After the three-day festival, there was a notable presence of posts on social media platforms that will serve as a reference for those who want to experience Adana. The high demand for hotels and restaurants in the city, which began before the festival, turned into a booking frenzy with the start of the festival. The festival, especially due to Adana's three-season spring-like climate, had a positive impact on the city's tourism. It was observed that, thanks to these festivals that drew the attention of investors, interest and demand in Adana's tourism potential increased every year.

Adana Flavor Festival hosted 923,000 guests in 3 days

Throughout the festival, a total of 923,000 people participated, and 600,000 skewers of kebabs and liver and 500,000 bottles of turnip juice were consumed in Adana. Within three days, all the hotels in the city were fully booked, and many guests were redirected to hotels in neighboring cities. City merchants, whose business had slowed down after the earthquake that occurred on February 6 and also affected Adana, expressed that they had "taken a deep breath" thanks to this festival and were extremely pleased with the attention, sales, and the participation of local and foreign tourists in the city.