Bulut Bağcı accused of defrauding hundreds and Chadian government Bulut Bağcı accused of defrauding hundreds and Chadian government

At the event held in Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, the scope, purpose, and future vision of the Binrota Affiliate Partner program were thoroughly presented.

"We are the first to implement this business model in Türkiye"

Serdar Şahin, Co-Managing Partner of BinRota Tourism, said about the event: "It was our first organization with our business partners. We provided presentations on sales, marketing, customer service, and branding to our business partners who attended the meeting. We support them in every aspect. Besides technology and product support, we also offer consultancy services in sales and marketing. We are the first in Türkiye to apply this business model, specifically for the international tour segment. We are very pleased with the interest from our partners. Our medium-term plan is to expand across all of Türkiye and create local brands. We are continuing our efforts in this direction."

What is the BinRota Affiliate Partnership Project?

BinRota, a tour operator brand that brings innovative ideas and results-oriented solutions to travel agencies, contributes to the growth of the tourism sector with its Affiliate Partnership project. Within the scope of the project, companies can market and sell tours operated and supplied by BinRota under their own brands. This allows agencies to brand themselves more quickly and increase their volume.

About BinRota

BinRota is a tour operator that offers innovative ideas and results-oriented solutions to agencies. While specializing in long-distance destination tours, it aims to make a difference in the sector by offering travel options around the world that are enjoyable for explorers. BinRota, which conducts professional planning by analyzing all details before and after tours, adopts a customer-focused approach and values the sensitivity of its solution partners to customer satisfaction.

Editor: Haber Merkezi