One Way, a $1,500 budget film shot in Izmir Türkiye in August 2022, won the Best International Film, Best Cinematography - Feature Film, and Roger Taylor Best Original Music - Feature Film awards at the Idyllwild Film Festival on March 10.

Who is responsible for banning in Türkiye? Who is responsible for banning in Türkiye?

Turkish director and producer Cem Ertunç was a guest at the festival and answered the audience's questions. One Way's international success and appreciation made the team proud.

One Way won three of its seven nominations at the Idyllwild Film Festival and represented Türkiye and the people of Izmir in California.

Film Synopsis

Starring Kenan Berkay Dabakoglu and Mert Ülker, this action drama follows a solitary pirate cab driver, Rüzgar, who drives his friends around for small fees while trying to escape his past mistakes. On the night of the biggest party of the year, he takes two strangers as passengers along with his best friend Koray. When the shady strangers threaten Rüzgar’s safety, he promises to drive them to their destination. Now, Rüzgar has to keep the tension to a minimum while the group gets more agitated as they get closer to their goal. To survive and make it back safe, it will take all of Rüzgar’s determination and strength, but even with his sheer will, can he finish the night when everybody is forcing him to fall?

Festival Information

The Idyllwild International Festival of Cinema is dedicated to showcasing rising talent in both studio and independent film. Our goal is to provide a platform where emerging directors can connect with industry professionals to provide them with the opportunity to advance and promote their work in an environment that supports independent filmmaking.

Kirchhoff Productions

Kirchoff Productions, assembled in 2016, was founded by two names who stepped into the sector together, Cem Ertunc and Kenan Berkay Dabakoglu. Their first collaboration dates back to 2016, and they completed their first feature film in 2023. They have a long history of producing almost every film project together under the name Kirchhoff Productions. This long process made their partnership even more valuable. Cem Ertunc directed the film, while Berkay played important roles in script writing and acting. Together with Kirchhoff Productions, they are known for their commitment to providing audiences with a cinematic experience.

Editor: Haber Merkezi