Oktay Arı, the Chairman of the Board of Ballerini Entertainment Company, which provides entertainment, sound-light, animation, and show services in Antalya, stated that the increasing costs in the event and entertainment industry threaten the sector.

The plan to amend the tourist guiding law has been suspended The plan to amend the tourist guiding law has been suspended

Last year's rising costs significantly affected the tourism sector and their pricing, making it difficult for those who wanted to go on vacation due to these price increases. In 2024, as cost increases continue, not only the tourism sector but also the sectors that providing services to tourism are affected.

One of the sectors affected by these cost increases is the animation and show industry. Besides the costs of costumes and stages, the end of incentives and the doubling or even tripling of social security payments for animators and artists are causing concern among sector investors. Oktay Arı, the Chairman of Ballerini Entertainment Company and a Board Member of the Tourism Event and Entertainment Investors Association (TEEYAD), drew attention to the cost increases in the animation and event sector.

"It may reduce the quality of service."

Oktay Arı, stating that they are continuing negotiations and work for 2024, expressed that, like in the tourism sector, cost increases in the animation and event sector also pose challenges for them. Reminding that animators and artists are at the forefront of their business, Oktay Arı said, "Our costs have doubled compared to last year. In our sector, animators and artists play a crucial role, and many of them come from abroad. There used to be an incentive, but unfortunately, it no longer exists. In addition, our social security payments have doubled, even tripled in some departments. This, in turn, increased our costs. These cost increases also threaten our sector in terms of quality."

"Do not compromise on quality due to costs."

Expressing their desire to provide quality shows and services to hotels and guests, Oktay Arı said, "Strong companies can withstand and bear these costs, but small companies will be greatly affected. Of course, animations and shows will continue, but the desired results may not be achieved in terms of quality. I would like to warn our hotels in this regard. Just like them, our sector's costs have increased. They should not compromise on quality just because of costs. This situation can affect guest satisfaction. These cost increases may also push companies in the sector towards illegal practices, which could harm both the hotel and the sector's image," he said.

Editor: Savaş Daş