The discovery was made at the Acropolis in Shop 14 of the "Two-Storey Shops – Stoa Complex."

During the digs, two small statues of Zeus and Aphrodite were found at floor level, in front of and behind the shop counter. These statues date back approximately 2,000 years to the early phase of the Roman Imperial period and are remarkably well-preserved.

Erkan Yağcı: We need to fill the gap left by FTI! Erkan Yağcı: We need to fill the gap left by FTI!

The Aphrodite statue, depicting the goddess semi-clothed and standing, holds her cloak with one hand. Next to her right foot, there is a support resembling imperial armor. This statue is notable for its detailed craftsmanship, showcasing the finesse of ancient art.

The Zeus statue likely depicts the god seated on his throne. The statue features notable carving marks on the left section of the torso, back, and lower part, suggesting a secondary use.

The excavation efforts at Aspendos Ancient City under the Heritage for the Future Project are crucial in unearthing the cultural heritage of the ancient world, bridging the past with the future.

Editor: Haber Merkezi