Yakup Demir outlined the expected room rates for the new season, noting a significant price increase from the previous summer. Boutique hotel prices are set to range between 5,000 and 6,000 lira, while luxury hotels will charge between 11,000 and 15,000 lira. He remarked that these rates are reasonable compared to other popular destinations like Antalya and Bodrum.

Demir also emphasized the need for earlier announcements regarding the duration of holiday breaks, particularly in light of the Ramazan Bayramı (Eid al-Fitr). Last season, Çeşme's hotels reached up to 100% occupancy due to the extended 9-day holiday, a decision announced just days before its commencement. This late notice, he argued, makes it difficult for the tourism industry to prepare and optimize their operations. He urged relevant authorities, including the Ministries of National Education, Tourism and Culture, and the Presidency, to provide earlier notifications of holiday durations to aid in planning and to avoid last-minute operational chaos.

Further complicating the season's challenges, Demir highlighted the acute shortage of staff within the hotel industry, suggesting that the sector is almost in a crisis mode due to this issue. The lack of available personnel during the Bayram holiday led to many hotels being unable to open. He expressed hope for technological advancements such as service robots to mitigate these staffing issues. Demir called on the government to address these workforce challenges, which are becoming increasingly problematic as finding human labor grows more difficult, yet no substantial measures have been taken thus far.

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In summary, while Çeşme looks forward to another bustling tourist season, Demir points out significant operational hurdles, from pricing strategies and holiday scheduling to severe staffing shortages, urging for proactive measures and innovations to ensure sustainable growth in the sector.

Editor: Haber Merkezi