Ok, our field is tourism but perhaps the question should have been phrased like this: where is the world heading?

We always say that tourism contributes to peace and eliminating prejudices among societies, but it cannot exist without an atmosphere of peace and tranquility.

Recent global developments, including natural disasters, wars, coups, and internal conflicts, are impacting the tourism sector on a global scale. Tourism industry, which needs to make long-term plans and budgets, cannot even see two months ahead due to these uncertainties.

For nearly two years, we have been discussing the war between the US/NATO-backed Ukraine and Russia. Except for a couple of countries, no one is making efforts to mediate or end the war between these two countries, both of which are important tourism markets for Türkiye. On the contrary, especially the US and the UK continue to send significant amounts of weapons to Ukraine. In other words, the US and the UK are trying to bring Russia to its knees with the blood of Ukrainians and the money of Western states. There seems to be no end to this.

While the world's attention is on Russia-Ukraine, a war has erupted among resistance groups of Gaza and Israel. The resistance groups in Gaza, responding to years of Israeli occupation and blockade with an operation, now face perhaps the most intense bombardment and attack by Israel.

In this war, Western states, instead of working to establish a ceasefire, bring the parties to the negotiating table, and somehow save the lives of those held captive, encourage Israel in its ruthless attacks by saying, 'Israel has the right to defend itself.' At this point, Israel has killed more than 13,000 people, including children, women, civilians, UN officials, and journalists, in over 40 days.

Humanely, our top priority is, of course, for there to be no wars, no loss of life, and for the brutality to end as soon as possible.

However, just expressing this is no longer enough. Humanity, including those in the tourism industry, must stand up to stop these atrocities. During wartime, oil companies and arms manufacturers profit; during peacetime, it is the tourism sector that makes money. Therefore, tourism professionals have more reasons to be against the war. That voice must be raised now. If it is not, we will be forced to witness similar proxy wars, this time maybe in Taiwan or another part of the world, tomorrow.

Stand up and say no to war!"