Boom in unlicensed and fake starred hotels in Türkiye Boom in unlicensed and fake starred hotels in Türkiye

Following the controversy over an additional fee applied to Turkish guests in a 5-star hotel in Antalya, referred to as a 'nationality surcharge' on the bill, small hotels in Antalya have begun affixing tags in Turkish and English languages reading 'Same price for all markets' to the doors of their establishments. These small hotels are attempting to convey a message to their customers reassuring them about pricing concerns.

The President of the Antalya Tourism Operators Hoteliers and Guesthouse Owners Association (ANTOP), Alp Özel, provided a statement regarding the campaign, stating, "Selling a product at a higher price to Turkish citizens is not a correct approach. The 'nationality surcharge' is implemented in many five-star hotels, but not in ours. However, especially Turkish guests ask questions like 'Do you have a nationality surcharge? Will we have to pay extra when we arrive?' We reassure them that there is no such thing in Antalya's small hotels and guesthouses. To alleviate their concerns, we publish these stickers on our hotel websites and display them at the entrance doors."

Editor: Haber Merkezi