Marking three decades of service, the accolade was received by Prontotour’s Chairman of the Board, Ali Onaran, during the gala night. Since its inception in 1994, Prontotour has pioneered numerous firsts within the travel sector and was also named the "Trendsetting Tourism Company" last year.

Expressing pride in their latest achievement, Chairman Ali Onaran said, "These accolades further motivate us and validate the correctness of our approach. I extend my gratitude to our dedicated team and our esteemed agency partners. With a diverse array of domestic and international tours, robust operations, and, most importantly, the support from our guests, we continue to grow in our 30th year."

Ali Onaran

Who is Prontotour?

Prontotour is a well-known travel agency based in Türkiye. Established in the mid-1990s, it specializes in offering a wide variety of travel services including organized tours, holiday packages, and custom travel experiences both within Türkiye and internationally. Prontotour is recognized for its comprehensive and competitively priced offerings, which often cater to diverse preferences and budgets.

The company typically provides services that include guided tours, hotel accommodations, flight bookings, and more, aiming to facilitate hassle-free travel experiences for its customers. Like many travel agencies, Prontotour likely utilizes both physical and online platforms to reach and serve its clients, offering convenience and accessibility in planning and booking travel.

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