Established in 2018 as an outgoing tour operator, Wtatil has entered into a strategic partnership with Salam Air, solidifying its position as the exclusive official representative of Salam Air in Türkiye. The signing ceremony, held at the Swissotel Bosphorus, gathered business partners, industry stakeholders, and media representatives.

Under the terms of the agreement, Wtatil becomes the sole authorized representative of Salam Air in Türkiye, with both entities setting ambitious goals for a tenfold expansion within the country.

They have set a target for tenfold growth in terms of revenue

Setting their sights on substantial growth in terms of revenue, both parties have announced a mutual agreement to target a tenfold increase in passenger numbers and revenue for Salam Air by 2024. Salam Air, a young and low-cost airline based in Oman, entered the aviation sector in 2017, operating from the capital city of Muscat to various domestic and international destinations. Renowned for its modern and youthful fleet comprising 14 aircraft, including 6 Airbus A320neo, 7 Airbus A321neo, and 1 Airbus A321, Salam Air primarily serves diverse destinations in the Middle East and Asia. Since its inaugural flight to Türkiye in July 2019, Salam Air has been offering affordable travel options to popular destinations such as Istanbul, Trabzon, Bangkok, Phuket, and Colombo, among others, as well as alternative flight options to destinations in India, Asia, Germany, and Albania.

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A Salam Air office has also been opened in Istanbul

In conjunction with the partnership, all Salam Air bookings and programs in the Turkish market will now be facilitated through Wtatil. Additionally, the agreement includes plans for seven weekly flights from Istanbul and two from Trabzon, with a commitment to further develop these routes. Cihan Saray, Chairman of the Board at Wtatil, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, stating, "We are delighted and excited about this agreement with Salam Air. Through Wtatil, we will introduce Salam Air to our extensive network of agents across Türkiye. Salam Air will now enjoy greater visibility in both individual ticket sales and tour packages. We have also opened a Salam Air office in Şişli-Esentepe, where we are currently serving all agents and guests. Furthermore, I am pleased to share that with this collaboration, Wtatil will also serve as Salam Air's GSA in Albania, expanding our services beyond Türkiye."

"We will strengthen our leadership."

Cansu Varlık, Managing Partner at Wtatil, emphasized the significance of the partnership, stating, "Today, we are excited to embark on this collaboration between two strong brands. Salam Air holds a significant position in the aviation sector with its innovative approach and commitment to quality service. At Wtatil, we focus on excellence in holiday experiences and guest satisfaction, differentiating ourselves in the industry. Through this partnership, we will enhance our guests' travel experiences by adding Salam Air's routes to our aircraft tour packages. Together, we believe that we will further strengthen our leadership position in the industry."

"We saw high demand from Turkish travelers"

Expressing satisfaction with the collaboration, Mazin Al Salmani, Sales Director at Salam Air, stated, "Our partnership with Wtatil will strengthen our brand and expand our network. Türkiye holds a special and significant place for Salam Air, with high demand from Turkish travelers for our flights. With the strength we derive from this collaboration, we aim to expand our flights by adding new routes, particularly during the peak summer season. We are pleased to be present in the Turkish market."

Editor: Haber Merkezi