Dedeman Group returns to Antalya! Dedeman Group returns to Antalya!

Özak Holding's Chairman of the Board, Ahmet Akbalık, has announced plans to construct three new hotels in Didim, Bodrum, and Kemer, stating, "Beyond 2028, we may venture into establishing city and resort hotels abroad under the Ela brand."

Expressing intentions to augment its portfolio of tourism investments, Ahmet Akbalık asserts, "With three new hotels in our arsenal, we are poised to become one of the largest conglomerates in the tourism sector."
In an interview with Levent Gökmen Demirci from the weekly economic magazine, Ekonomist, Özak outlines their projected investment of $450 million.

Providing insights into Özak GYO's investment strategies, Ahmet Akbalık from Özak Global Holding, Özak Tekstil, İnt-Er Yapı, Aktay Turizm, Özak GYO, Akyön Tesis Yönetimi companies, states:

"We have ambitious growth plans in tourism. By embarking on new investments in the tourism sector, we aim to position ourselves as one of Turkey's foremost tourism conglomerates by 2028. In line with this objective, we plan to develop three new hotel projects in Didim, utilizing the allocated land, and on our own properties in Bodrum and Kemer. The specifics and scale of these ventures will be finalized by the end of the year. Furthermore, post-2028, we may consider establishing city hotels under the Ela brand in Istanbul, Izmir, or any other culturally rich city. Similarly, we envisage the possibility of venturing into city and resort hotels abroad under the Ela brand."

Editor: Haber Merkezi