Türkiye shows strong comeback in Chinese market Türkiye shows strong comeback in Chinese market

In a statement to Turizm Güncel following the bankruptcy of Germany's third-largest tour operator, FTI, Bentour Chairman Kadir Uğur highlighted that the sector has lost another tour operator at the start of the season. Uğur emphasized the severity of the situation, stating:

"To assist the remaining passengers, as well as those who cannot depart or arrive, we have established crisis centers in Antalya, Hamburg, Stuttgart, and Zurich. We are working to ensure that our country's tourism, hotels, and Türkiye itself come out of this process with minimal damage while preserving our image and minimizing the impact on those affected.

Collaboration with other tour operators

"This is not a situation that a single tour operator can handle alone. Therefore, we are in contact with other tour operators. I hope our sector will not be tested with such bankruptcies again."

Who is Kadir Uğur?

Kadir Uğur is the Chairman of Bentour, a prominent tour operator known for its significant influence in the travel and tourism industry, particularly focusing on travel to Türkiye. Under his leadership, Bentour has become a key player in the tourism sector, providing a wide range of travel services and packages. Uğur is recognized for his expertise in the industry and his proactive approach in managing crises, such as the recent establishment of crisis centers following the bankruptcy of the German tour operator FTI. His leadership is marked by efforts to mitigate the impacts of such disruptions on both travelers and the tourism sector as a whole.

Editor: Haber Merkezi