The hotel industry is celebrating an unprecedented early booking season, according to Kaan Kavaloğlu, the president of the Mediterranean Association of Touristic Hoteliers and Operators (AKTOB). As the countdown to the summer season continues, a historic surge in early bookings has been recorded.

According to Murathan Yıldırım's report for Sabah, this booking boom has brought smiles to the faces of everyone involved in the sector. Kavaloğlu expressed optimism about the momentum gained by both the region and Turkish tourism in recent years. "It seems we're set to raise the bar even higher this year. We are experiencing the best early booking period in our history. There’s also an incredible flow of reservations from the domestic market. An outstanding season awaits us. Our expectations are quite high. Given today's strong demand, we anticipate full occupancy at many destinations throughout the season," he stated.

'Same price for all markets' campaign from Antalya hoteliers 'Same price for all markets' campaign from Antalya hoteliers

Kaan Kavaloğlu highlighted that the British were the earliest to make reservations, followed by significant interest from Germans and Russians. "This year’s surprise, however, comes from the Polish market. Last year, we hosted nearly one million Polish tourists. This year, we expect the number to exceed 1.25 million," he added.

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