Following FTI's bankruptcy filing, the DRSF addressed a letter to hotels explaining how the package holiday process for FTI customers between June 4-10 would proceed.

How much does FTI owe to Turkish hotels? How much does FTI owe to Turkish hotels?

"If you are hosting guests under a package tour or linked services sold by FTI Touristik, the contractual fee will be paid to your hotel by DRSF," the letter stated. It further explained, "These services include those that have not been paid or partially paid by FTI Touristik, provided the travel has not yet ended and the package travel services are delivered in full and without any deficiencies as per the contract."

The conditions for this cost coverage are listed as follows:

-This coverage applies only to package tours or services linked to package tours.

-The above commitment includes package tours up to June 10. Services beyond June 10 are not covered.

-No payments should have been collected from those currently vacationing at the hotels.

-There must be irrefutable evidence that the package holiday services have been provided.

Editor: Haber Merkezi