The German Travel Association (DRV) is in shock over the decision of its largest member and Europe's largest tour operator, TUI, to depart from the association.

In a statement, the DRV said, "The German Travel Association regrets the decision of the organization's long-standing largest tour operator member to leave. This departure decision applies to all TUI companies that are members of the DRV. The DRV continues to work with full strength to strongly represent the interests of the industry and its members, and to positively shape the economic and political framework of the travel industry."

Reasons behind the departure

It is indicated that TUI has decided to leave to lobby against the new package tour regulation, which is expected to impose new burdens on tour operators. TUI's statement included, "We are aware that the DRV, due to its membership structure, wants to address a variety of different issues. We have been members of the DRV for a long time, and therefore did not take this step lightly. However, given the existing intense international competitive environment, it is clear that new structuring and new approaches are needed." This statement also contains an implicit criticism of the DRV's stance on the new package tour regulation.

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Future lobbying activities

TUI is expected to focus on its own lobbying activities centered around outgoing tourism, thereby prioritizing its own interests.

Editor: Haber Merkezi