Having won the hearts of Turkish travelers with its Greek Island tour programs, Celestyal, a cruise company, has decided to open another route in the Turkish tourism market. The new program, carried out with Celestyal's new ship "Journey," will also depart from Kuşadası. Starting in October, the "3 Continents" program extends from the Aegean to the Eastern Mediterranean, covering Greece, as well as Egypt and Israel.

Özgü Alnıtemiz, Director of Celestyal Cruises Türkiye, announced the new destination program as follows: "As the cruise company that regularly and most frequently docks at Turkish ports, Celestyal is known as the star of the world's most preferred Greek Islands destination. With its unique and award-winning Greek Islands programs, Celestyal ships have been hosting our Turkish guests for years with great honor, and surveys show that we achieve over 90% satisfaction. Besides this expertise, Celestyal is also one of the sought-after and esteemed brands in the global market for Eastern Mediterranean destinations. While experiencing the excitement of the new ship, we wanted to introduce another innovation this season. As Celestyal Türkiye, we have decided to offer the 3 Continents program in the Eastern Mediterranean waters to the Turkish market. This year, Celestyal's 3 Continents program will be operated with our new ship, Journey. We will conclude our season with innovations that allow Turkish guests to experience both our new ship and our new route. This route stretching from the Aegean to the Eastern Mediterranean provides an opportunity to explore both the Greek Islands and Athens, as well as Egypt and Israel, in a single journey. Our followers on social media will also have a chance to win this tour as a gift."

Emphasizing that this new cruise route that connects continents will contribute not only to the cruise tourism and global tourism but also to the essential stops of Turkish cruise tourism in the Mediterranean basin, Özgü Alnıtemiz stated: "Cruise tourists from all around the world embark on this journey to see ancient civilizations that shed light on human history and sacred cities. Thanks to the 3 Continents tour, they will also explore our country's ports. Numerous domestic and foreign passengers will join this tour by boarding ships at our ports. As we always say, Türkiye is one of the most important ports of the global cruise tourism. With new routes passing through Türkiye and an increasing number of ships visiting our ports, this value will exponentially increase."

From Rhodes to Athens, Cairo to Jerusalem

Starting with Celestyal Journey in October, the 3 Continents program will continue until the end of 2023, up until December. Journey will set sail from Kuşadası, picking up passengers from Türkiye, and the first destination will be Athens. Here, it will be possible to explore the Acropolis, museums, and the city of Plaka throughout the day. The 3rd day of the 7-night tour will be spent at sea. On the 4th day, Journey will dock in Port Said, Cairo. There will be ample time to explore the pyramids and the ancient city in the mighty land of the Sun God, experience the nights of Cairo, and take a boat trip on the Nile River. The next stop on the tour is Ashdod Port, Israel. In the holy lands, cities like Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, and Haifa can be explored through land tours, departing at 22:00. After the Eastern Mediterranean, Celestyal Journey will turn back towards the Aegean waters and make a stop in Rhodes. It will be possible to explore the Palace of the Grand Masters to trace the footsteps of medieval knights, witness Ottoman architecture in the city, and shop in its historic bazaar. The tour will conclude in Kuşadası Port on the morning of the 8th day.

A special campaign is being applied to the 3 Continents Tour departing from Kuşadası, with the new ship Celestyal Journey. Prices for 7-night cruises in outside cabins start from 939 Euros per person. Reservations made within the campaign will have the opportunity to upgrade cabins from XD category outside cabins (1,249 EUR) to suite cabins. For detailed information about the tour, visit celestyalcruises.com.tr.