With the opening of Galataport, the number of cruise ships coming to our country is increasing day by day. In the first four months of the year, 123 cruise ships docked in Türkiye, carrying more than 135,000 passengers. The Queen Victoria, a ship of the UK-based cruise company Cunard, which is represented by Prontotour in Türkiye, docked at Galataport for the first time. The Queen Victoria draws attention with its luxury and elegance that befits British culture. Prontotour Cruise Manager Merve Başaran, who stated that they are creating a royal atmosphere in Türkiye with Cunard’s magnificent ships, mentioned that they have organized special campaigns to introduce the ships and held a special meeting with agents and press members on Victoria, which arrived in Istanbul on May 20.

Unique concepts, exclusive routes

Emphasizing that cruise travel has become more comfortable with developing technology, Merve Başaran said, “Ships promise a perfect vacation with safety, entertainment areas, cabin designs, and culinary concepts. Interest in cruise travel is increasing in Türkiye. We can say that every age group is now getting acquainted with cruise travel. Yes, the age range is expanding, and we see intense interest from young people, honeymoon couples, and especially families with children. There are ships of five-star and even six-star quality in the industry. On the other hand, the cruise sector in our country is growing rapidly; domestic demand is increasing day by day. In line with this, we continue to diversify our routes and introduce the market to the products of select cruise companies. We take pride in always offering extraordinary concepts and exclusive routes to the domestic market,” she said.


Antalya welcomes the season's first cruise ship! Antalya welcomes the season's first cruise ship!

River tours also attract interest

In recent years, programs covering the Greek Islands, Mediterranean region, Fjords, Arabian Peninsula, Japan-South Korea, Eastern and Western Caribbean, Canary Islands, and South Africa have been the most sold. Merve Başaran continued, “With a cruise holiday, you can see many countries and cities without packing and unpacking your suitcase. I can easily say that it is not more expensive than land tours. Moreover, you can enjoy both sea and cultural holidays together. Besides our sea packages, our river tours are also highly preferred. There are many enjoyable routes covering the Rhine, Danube, and Volga rivers. I should also mention that river tours organized at different times of the year have a loyal guest base.”

Queen Anne also launched!

The new ship of the UK-based cruise company Cunard, Queen Anne, started welcoming guests on May 1. With social areas and cabins almost reminiscent of an art gallery and restaurants that rival Michelin-starred chefs, Queen Anne is dazzling. Cunard has a total of four ships named Victoria, Anne, Elizabeth, and Mary 2.

Editor: Haber Merkezi