Erkan Yağcı: We need to fill the gap left by FTI! Erkan Yağcı: We need to fill the gap left by FTI!

Khaled R. who had booked his vacation through Loveholidays, shared his ordeal with Turizm Güncel, describing a vacation that turned into a nightmare.

Purchased holiday through Loveholidays

Khaled R., a British citizen, arrived at the Meril Club Hotel in Turunç, Marmaris, on May 31st for a three-night stay. Despite having paid in full to Loveholidays, Khaled was forced to make an additional payment after FTI filed for insolvency. He attributes his ordeal to Loveholidays' Turkish partner, Meeting Point, the sister DMC company of FTI.

Robbed in Marmaris before detention at the hotel

Khaled recounted his distressing experiences to Turizm Güncel: "My holiday in Marmaris was ruined from the start. After dinner and drinks on Bar Street, I was assaulted and robbed while returning to my hotel. The local police near Marmaris Harbor were unhelpful due to the language barrier, and I had to beg them to help retrieve my phone, to no avail."

Repeated payment demands despite proof

Despite showing proof of his payment, Khaled faced further demands from the hotel. "The hotel staff insisted I have to pay again because they claimed my travel agency was bankrupt. When I contacted my wife, she confirmed that Loveholidays was still operating, exposing their false claims. The hotel refused to let me leave and treated me poorly. I spent the worst 48 hours of my life there," he said.

Physical restraint and Embassy intervention

Khaled described being physically prevented from leaving the hotel until the police were called after an hour of hesitation. "The hotel threatened me with further trouble for not paying again. I had to involve the British Embassy, which pressured the hotel to release me and complete necessary legal processes," Khaled added. The embassy's involvement was crucial in preventing him from missing his flight and being charged again for her already-paid vacation.

Local police and hotel management criticized

Khaled criticized the local police's indifferent attitude and the hotel's repeated demands for payment. He highlighted that other tourists have faced similar issues, often in the middle of their stay. Videos of such incidents at other hotels have started circulating on social media.

Rahma Khaled Marmaris

Hotel's c contradictory statements

When contacted, the manager of Meril Club Hotel initially denied the events, later blaming Meeting Point for instructing the hotel to collect payment from the guest. The hotel's owner indirectly threatened Turizm Güncel against publishing the story.

Rahma Khaled's experience underscores the risks travelers face when their travel agencies encounter financial troubles, and the importance of responsive customer service and effective communication in resolving such crises.

Editor: Haber Merkezi