The Bahamas-flagged 15,067 gross tonnage cruise ship Hamburg, carrying 310 passengers and a crew of 170, arrived at QTerminals Antalya Port. The passengers contributed to the regional economy by shopping, dining at local restaurants, and visiting tourist attractions in Antalya. The next stop for the Hamburg cruise ship will be the port of Rhodes.

Spanning approximately 700 nautical miles along the coast between Izmir and Mersin, QTerminals Antalya hosted the season's first cruise ship. With its principle of quality, safety, and quick service, QTerminals Antalya plays a crucial role as the gateway for the region to world trade and tourism. As Türkiye's leading commercial cargo and cruise port, QTerminals Antalya stands out in the rapidly growing and evolving cruise tourism sector with its technological infrastructure and expertise.

Season's first cruise ship arrives in Bodrum! Season's first cruise ship arrives in Bodrum!

Özgür Sert, the General Manager of QTerminals Antalya Port, expressing the importance of welcoming the season's first ship and the significance of cruise tourism for the national economy, stated, "Cruise tourism enhances tourist experiences, introduces different cultures, and significantly contributes to the local economy. When cruise passengers disembark and visit the ports, they make substantial contributions to the local economy. Tourists get to closely experience our country's natural beauties, as well as its historical and cultural heritage. At QTerminals Antalya, we are one of the best service providers in the industry with our capacity, security measures, and logistic networks. With our principles of quality, safety, and quick service, we serve our customers at high standards as the gateway to world trade and tourism for the region."

Editor: Mehmet Güneli