Yasir Karaçor will lead to ANEX Group in Germany that operating with Anex Tour, Bucher Reisen, Öger Tours and Neckermann Reisen brands, starting from December 1. The tour operator is now looking to expand further.

Karaçor was deputy general manager of Anex Tour Türkiye for ten years, and before that he worked for five years as product manager at Coral Travel. Karaçor, who studied in the USA and Australia, is fluent in English.

Murat Kizilsaç, who has been leading the tour operator since 2018, said: "I am delighted to have found such an experienced and committed successor in Yasir Karaçor. With the development of the Anex Tour brand in German-speaking countries and the integration of Bucher Reisen, Öger Tours and, in 2022, Neckermann Reisen into the Group's portfolio, I can look back on a very exciting and successful time."

Speaking at the program presentation of the ANEX Germany in Belek, Yasir Karaçor said he knew the German tour operators well from his time at Incoming and wanted to intensify the cooperation between the four brands and their own Destination Management Companies (DMCs) around the world. Karaçor also expects further growth from the revitalization of the Neckermann Reisen brand.

Anex Group increases capacity by 20 percent

Overall, the four tour operator brands are currently experiencing double digit growth in winter and summer bookings and are significantly expanding their hotel and flight programs.

One of the growth drivers for the subsidiary of the Turkish Anex Tourism Group (ATG) is the most important destination, Türkiye. In Bodrum on the Turkish Aegean, the Öger Tours brand offers 90 hotels, a quarter more than last year.

However, the brands also grew in other destinations such as Spain, Greece and Egypt. There is also strong growth in long-haul routes, especially for Thailand and the Dominican Republic. The Anex Group has doubled its hotel capacity in both destinations.