In the 2024 holiday preferences of the Russian people, Türkiye is expected to be the clear leader, followed by destinations such as the UAE, Thailand, Egypt, Maldives, and Sri Lanka.

However, an increase is expected in adventure travels that involve the desire of Russians to know the countries they visit more deeply. It is said that they may visit less popular areas where the crowd is less.

According to the bulletin of the Russian Association of Tour Operators (ATOR), a decrease in the number of those focusing on direct flights in destination choice is expected, while an increase is expected in those emphasizing the holiday experience. However, mass flow is not mentioned for both of these trends.

The biggest increase is expected in Türkiye

Russian tour operators expect the most significant increase in 2024 tour sales to be towards Türkiye. PEGAS Touristik says, "In 2024, we expect an increase in the number of guests we send to both PEGAS Select premium segment products and new destinations in Türkiye. FUN&SUN, on the other hand, aims to increase Türkiye sales by 33 percent with its expanded flight program and new flights from Moscow to Dalaman, St Petersburg to Dalaman, and Moscow to Bodrum.

Tour operators and travel agencies in Russia see the increase in early reservation sales compared to the previous year as a sign that 2024 will be a good year.

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Thailand and other destinations will continue to grow

PAC Group, Russian Express, PEGAS Touristik, FUN&SUN, and Intourist state that Russians will holiday in Thailand, Sri Lanka, China (Hainan), and Vietnam this year, with Thailand being the leader again. FUN&SUN says, "We expect 9 percent growth in Thailand and 2 percent growth in Sri Lanka in 2024. Other Asian countries, including China, will also strengthen. There is pent-up demand for these destinations."

Egypt and the UAE will attract more Russian tourists in 2024

Tour operators point to Egypt and the UAE as destinations that will grow in Russia in 2024. FUN&SUN states, "We expect 21 percent growth in the UAE and 18 percent growth in Egypt in 2024," while PEGAS Touristik also believes that sales in Egypt will increase.

However, travel agencies do not necessarily agree on Egypt. A travel agency based in Moscow says, "Tours are sold to Egypt, but it cannot be said that the demand is high. It's hard to explain why, but some are tired of going to this destination, and some are not satisfied with the prices."

Cuba is attracting more Russian tourists

Travel agencies point out that Cuba is becoming an increasingly attractive destination for more customers. Travel agencies report that some Russians who vacationed in Cuba in 2023 have already purchased tours for 2024, and there is also significant demand among those who will go to Cuba for the first time.

Intourist will start selling Mauritius-Madagascar combining tours

Intourist is preparing to sell tours in 2024 combining Mauritius and Madagascar. The company believes that the demand for these tours could surpass programs like Cuba + Mexico and Cuba + the Dominican Republic.

Other destinations that could attract the attention of Russians in 2024 are mentioned as the Maldives, Seychelles, Indonesia, Qatar, Malaysia, Mauritius, Italy, Tanzania (Zanzibar island), Uzbekistan, Belarus, Azerbaijan, and Abkhazia.

Editor: Savaş Daş