Artur Muradyan, the Deputy President of Association of Russian Tour Operators (ATOR), disclosed the destinations expected to garner the highest demand in the Russian market for the 2024 season.

The 2024 season is disappointed for Turkish hoteliers The 2024 season is disappointed for Turkish hoteliers

"We may encounter quite interesting prices in Türkiye"

Muradyan noted that there are no indicators suggesting a decline in demand for Türkiye or a decrease in tourism products in the country. He emphasized that the country will continue to be the number one destination for Russians. Muradyan stated, "If air transport capacities are at the same level as last year, we will encounter quite interesting prices in Türkiye due to cheap tickets. However, it's not certain that Türkiye will be more accessible this year than last year. The reason for this is the depreciation of the ruble. Because while the euro was in the range of 80-85 rubles during the same period last year, it is now at 100 euros. However, if the foreign currency depreciates against the ruble, the cost of Türkiye tours will also decrease."

"The biggest price reductions will occur in traditional winter destinations."

Speaking to ATOR's bulletin, Muradyan mentioned that the biggest price reductions during the summer season will occur in traditional winter destinations such as Thailand, Egypt, and the Maldives. According to the expert, Thailand continues to attract a large number of Russian visitors, including the upper spending bracket, and there is no condition that would cause a decline in demand for this destination.

Sales to the Maldives, which hosts guests throughout the year, will continue steadily. Egypt, on the other hand, will continue to attract demand due to its competitive prices.

Muradyan pointed out that summer temperatures have decreased in the United Arab Emirates due to various reasons, indicating that the current temperatures in the Emirates are equivalent to those in Türkiye in August.

"Consumer demand will largely be limited to products already being sold."

Artur Muradyan, Deputy President of ATOR, stated that consumer demand in Russia will largely be limited to products currently available on the market. He explained that there is significant potential in the domestic market, particularly in the North Caucasus region. However, Muradyan highlighted challenges regarding product procurement and quality due to the predominance of small-scale businesses in these regions. Nevertheless, Space Travel, under Muradyan's general management, is preparing to introduce large-scale tours to Chechnya.

Editor: Haber Merkezi