Turkish tourism industry, which began the year with a target revenue of 60 billion dollars, closed the first quarter with 9 million tourists and revenue of 8.8 billion dollars. It's noted by tourism professionals that reservations have sped up, especially in European, Far Eastern, and Latin American markets.

Occupancy rate of Istanbul reached  to 65 percent

Müberra Eresin, President of the Turkish Hoteliers Association (TÜROB), stated that Istanbul reached a 65% occupancy rate, emphasizing their expectation for this figure to increase. Eresin remarked, "There is a difference between Türkiye's visitor and overnight figures. The day when visitor number of Türkiye's match accommodation figures, it will be known that there are no unregistered accommodation facilities left."

Türkiye: Southern Europe's Best-Performing Country Türkiye: Southern Europe's Best-Performing Country

"Changes in reservation habits in European and American markets"

Eresin noted that Europe has started traveling this year, and Latin America, which was moving slowly, has also accelerated. She added, "Japan is gradually picking up. The first places to fill up are our luxury hotels."

Göksenin Kürkçü, General Manager of Wyndham Grand Istanbul Kalamış Hotel, mentioned changes in reservation habits in the European and American markets, stating, "They are making more last-minute reservations than they used to do before. The reservation depth, which used to be 30-60 days, dropped to 7-10 days this year.”

Editor: Haber Merkezi