In December 2023, the number of foreign guests visiting Spain increased by 26.2% compared to the same month of the previous year and by 21% compared to December 2019, reaching 5.2 million.

The United Kingdom was the country that sent the most visitors to Spain in December, with 907 thousand. Following this, France with 819 thousand, Germany with 561 thousand, Italy with 354 thousand, the Nordic countries with 343 thousand, and Portugal with 234 thousand.

In the same month, Spain's tourism revenue increased by 35.4% compared to December 2022 and by 41.6% compared to December 2019, reaching a record of 7 billion 93 million euros.

Received about 52 million tourists from six countries

During the 12-month period from January to December 2023, the number of visitors to Spain increased by 18.7% compared to the previous year and by 1.66% compared to 2019, reaching 85 million 56 thousand.

The United Kingdom, which is traditionally Spains largest market, is the number one in terms of tourist number with 17 million 800 thousand fallowed by France with 11 million 812 thousand, Germany with 10 million 800 thousand, Italy with 4 million 862 thousand, the Netherlands with 4 million 94 thousand, and Portugal with 2 million 840 thousand.

The total number of visitors sent by these six countries to Spain was 51 million 700 thousand, accounting for approximately 61% of Spain's total visitors.

Historical record in tourism revenue

In 2023, Spain also set a record in tourism revenue. According to the announced data, the spending of the visitors who visited the country increased by 24.7% compared to 2022 and by 18.2% compared to 2019, reaching 108 billion 662 million euros. In 2022, Spain had tourism revenue of 87 billion 61 million euros, and in 2019, it was approximately 92 billion euros.