Visa problems, especially in recent years, negatively affect the activities of the hotels in the target markets, especially the marketing activities.

In recent years, the difficulties European Union countries have posed in granting visas to Turkish citizens are also affecting the sales and marketing activities of hotels.

Hotels are facing challenges due to visas in their efforts within target markets.

Both business and tourist trips of Turkish Republic citizens are being hindered by visa requirements.

Holidaymakers planning to spend their vacations abroad are opting for countries that do not require visas to solve their problems, but those traveling abroad for business, especially to the Schengen area, are experiencing difficulties.

Hotel managers are awaiting a solution

The difficulties related to visas are also affecting the operations of hundreds of hotels in the tourism sector. Especially the tightening of visa regimes in the EU is causing disruptions in the activities that hotels plan for their target markets.

In the past two years, hotel managers and employees have started to complain more about visa issues. While EU countries do not acknowledge the disruptions, they state that they have issued more visas compared to previous years.

Tourism professionals are urging for a quick resolution to visa problems before they escalate further, and even requesting flexibility for those in the tourism industry.

Travel agencies also complain

Travel agencies had previously complained about the problems experienced in appointments and stated that short-term visas had a negative impact on tourism.