Türkiye's first and only 'lifestyle thermal' hotel, located in the İçmeler district of Mersin and operating for 3 years, boasts one of the highest mineral value waters. BN Hotel Thermal&Wellness takes the lead in various aspects of Mersin tourism, from education to employment, from promotion to food production. It combines wellness and resort concepts, that making it the first and only hotel in Türkiye to implement the concept of 'lifestyle thermal'.

112 of the employees are women

While serving as an educational center for nearby tourism school students, BN Hotel also supports local employment, especially women's employment. According to information provided by hotel officials out of 112 employment of 283 are women.

The 249-keys hotel, which has Türkiye's largest SPA area of 11,500 square meters, operates on a full board basis.

BN Thermal Hotel cultivates vegetables and fruits on 348 acres

The chef of the facility, Fikret Özdemir, is a well-known figure who has embraced the 'from field to table' philosophy. According to the information shared by Özdemir, out of the 348 acres owned by the group, 170 acres are currently planted with fruits and vegetables. These include citrus fruits, peaches, quinces, pomegranates, olives, dates, peppers, tomatoes, eggplants, cluster tomatoes, cucumbers, zucchinis, beans, mint, and watermelons. Özdemir, who states that they produce 2 thousand liters of olive oil per year, emphasizes that they use 99 percent of the products they produce in the hotel.

Silence Studio has been opened

BN Hotel Thermal & Wellness, which brings together all activities and services that will be beneficial to the physical and spiritual body, has opened its doors to 'Silence Studio', which will host healing camps in yoga and spiritual areas. The hotel continues to develop its concept with new investments, aims to provide all services for its guests to heal physically and spiritually.

Pınar Kurt: Our goal for 2024 is 160,000 guests.

Pınar Kurt, Deputy General Manager of BN Hotel Thermal&Wellness, states that they have a capacity to host 250,000 guests annually and have reached the figure of 125,000 and 50 percent occupancy. Explaining that they work with leading travel agencies in Türkiye and attach great importance to promotion, Kurt says that their target for 2024 is 160,000 guests.

"We aim to introduce Turkey's thermal tourism to the world"

Pınar Kurt  emphasizes that they provide service focused on 100 percent customer satisfaction and despite being open for only 2 years, they are unrivaled. Kurt says, "A large portion of our foreign customer portfolio consists of guests from Europe, the Middle East and Russia. Nature combined with the mineral values of Türkiye is not promoted enough abroad. With the "lifestyle thermal" concept we have created with the aim of spreading the tourism season throughout the year, creating added value, and diversifying tourism, we aim to introduce thermal tourism in Türkiye to the world. We are constantly making new investments, adding new services to our concept in order to attract the interest of every age group, improve our service quality day by day, and approach customer satisfaction to almost 100 percent. "Yoga Workshop" is just one of these investments. We plan to host yoga groups throughout the year and organize various workshops and talks in the spiritual field. BN Hotel is a complete retreat and healing hotel,"

Kurt also added that with the activation of Mersin Airport, the percentage of foreigners among their guests will reach to 50 percent.

 Serving people of all ages throughout the year

Located in Mersin, one of Türkiye's tourism assets witnessing 9,000 years of history from Danyal the Prophet to St. Paul, from Shahmaran to the Ancient Roman Road, BN Hotel Thermal & Wellness, which is located with its nature, history, and gastronomy, has brought country's most valuable thermal source with a mineral value of 6268 mg/lt, to tourism with the "lifestyle thermal" concept. Rising on an area of 450 acres, with 348 acres devoted to agricultural activities and 102 acres as the hotel campus, BN Hotel combines resort and thermal hotel services, meeting different holiday expectations with the services it offers, providing a place where people of all ages can enjoy a holiday with pleasure every month of the year, and offering a special hotel focused on health and well-being.