Reflecting on the previous season and expectations for 2024, Yavuz stated that, based on initial information and the first reports from abroad, Türkiye's reservations, particularly in Antalya, were ahead of Spain at the beginning of the season.

Recep Yavuz expressed the following evaluations: "The World Tourism Organization had predicted that the effects of the pandemic would come to an end in 2024, and indeed it has. So far, many countries have conducted tourism activities below pre-pandemic levels. Only Türkiye, especially Antalya, occasionally exceeded pandemic figures. Moreover, this year, we will finish above the levels of 2019 in Antalya. Despite the ongoing discussion about wars and economic difficulties leading into 2024, the initial feedback we have received and the first reports from abroad indicate that Türkiye's reservations, especially at the beginning of the season, surpass those of Spain. This was announced last week. This means that the developments around us are gradually cooling down, and Türkiye will likely have one of its best seasons in history."

"It will be one of the most important destinations in the Mediterranean"

"We anticipate that the increase in prices will reach a healthy and balanced level. The entire sector is aware of this because price increases were the most significant topic of the year. We do not foresee significant price increases in the future. There will be increases, but we believe they will not jump to double-digit figures. In this context, Türkiye will be one of the most important destinations in the Mediterranean. Antalya will be one of the world's most crucial destinations. I believe that in 2023, Türkiye will finish the year as the third or fourth country again. The promotion generated by nearly 50 million people visiting the country provides us with a significant advantage. We anticipate that the developments in 2024 will continue to increase."

"We focused on increasing revenue"

"In the meantime, as an entire sector, we focused not only on increasing the number of tourists but also on increasing revenue. Income increases are slowly reaching a healthier level. For example, last year, our tourism income per person exceeded that of France. In this context, I believe that 2024 will be a year in which we will increase both income and tourists in a healthy, balanced, and controlled manner. I wish everyone a beautiful and healthy year."