According to the data released by the European Travel Commission (ETC), Türkiye has secured the 10th position among the destinations Europeans most wish to travel to in the upcoming months. The top five preferences among Europeans are Italy, Spain, France, Greece, and Germany, with Türkiye coming in 10th.

Kadir's Treehouses succumbs to flames again Kadir's Treehouses succumbs to flames again

Popularity of sunny Southern European destinations

As reported by Tourism Databank, 43% of holidaymakers expressed interest in sunny destinations in Southern Europe. Among these countries, Greece accounts for 6.3%, Italy for 8.4%, Spain for 8.1%, and France for 7.1%, while Türkiye holds a significant 73% share.

First-time visitors

The survey indicates that Greece leads the pack with 27% of first-time visitors. Following Greece are Portugal with 24% and Croatia with 23%. Türkiye’s share of first-time visitors stands at around 21%.

Repeat visitors

Findings show that the percentage of those who have visited a destination before but do not plan to return ranges between 64-65% for all countries. However, the percentage of those who wish to revisit ranges between 17-20%. Italy, Spain, France, and Greece lead in this category, while Türkiye's share of repeat visitors is 15%.

Editor: Haber Merkezi