Deputy President of the Russian Travel Industry Union (RST), Dmitry Gorin, said that by the end of 2023, at least 5 million Russian tourists could visit Türkiye.

Gorin underlined that Turkey has continued to maintain its leadership in Russian tourist arrivals in recent months, noting that the country was visited by 2.6 million Russian tourists.

Türkiye could host 5 million Russian visitor in 2023

Regarding Türkiye's undeniable leadership in international destinations, the Deputy President of RST stated, "In general, we estimate that Türkiye could host at least 5 million Russian tourists by the end of the year."

Gorin mentioned that they have seen recovery in other popular tourist destinations as well, stating that visa-free group tours to China have started, and the tourist flow is already on a continuous upward trend.

Emphasizing that the leaders in domestic tourism are the Krasnodar Region and the capital Moscow, Gorin added that the southern region of Krasnodar hosted 10 million tourists during the summer season.

Price of hotels in Türkiye soared by 47 per-cent

Recently, Ilya Umansky, the President of the Russian Travel Industry Union (RST), spoke about the cost of holidays in Türkiye, noting a 47% increase compared to the same period in 2022. "This situation makes the goal of hosting 7 million tourists from Russia by the end of the year impossible." Umansky said.