In a separate statements, the Association of Turkish Travel Agencies (TÜRSAB), the Hotel Association of Türkiye (TÜROB), and the Association of Travel Agencies Managers (SAYD) condemned the racist attacks targeting Arab tourists in Istanbul.

Another sector loses its competitive edge after tourism Another sector loses its competitive edge after tourism

Unacceptable attacks

Müberra Eresin, President of TÜROB, expressed deep sorrow over recent isolated incidents targeting tourists from the Middle East and Gulf regions. She noted that an individual involved in an attack on tourists in Istanbul had been apprehended and arrested. Eresin emphasized, "These incidents are entirely isolated and are in no way acceptable. It is also unacceptable to view these actions as representative of our treatment of all tourists. Such incidents have the potential to negatively impact the image of Turkish tourism."

TÜRSAB denounce the attack

TÜRSAB issued a strong condemnation of the attack on visitors from Middle Eastern countries in Istanbul, stating: "We vehemently denounce the recent attack on our guests from the Middle East. Such behavior, which is incompatible with Anatolian culture and tarnishes our globally recognized hospitality, is utterly unacceptable. We believe these heinous attacks must not go unpunished. As representatives of the tourism sector, we are deeply saddened by these recent attitudes and statements, particularly towards visitors from Middle Eastern countries."

"Every guest visiting our country is invaluable to us, regardless of nationality. We hope to never witness such incidents again and extend our best wishes to the victims of these attacks. As the public is aware, there have been some reprehensible attacks on foreign tourists visiting our country," TÜRSAB added.

SAYD calls ministries to take necessary actions

SAYD declared its staunch opposition to such attacks, which harm Türkiye’s tourism brand and image. "We condemn this attack, which is incompatible with Turkish hospitality. We will firmly oppose any actions and attitudes that damage our country's tourism brand. Our country, a brand in the global tourism market in terms of both tourism potential and service quality, is adversely affected in its international image by such attacks," SAYD stated.

"The tourism sector, which promotes peace and brotherhood, is significantly impacted by the creation of a chaotic environment. Tourists visiting our country, regardless of their nationality, should be warmly welcomed and sent home with positive memories of their stay. In the fiercely competitive global tourism market, such incidents give our competitors an opportunity to conduct smear campaigns against our country, setting us back," SAYD warned.

"We call on all public institutions, especially the Ministries of Interior and Culture and Tourism, to take the necessary precautions to prevent the recurrence of such incidents," SAYD concluded.

Editor: Haber Merkezi