Turkish tourism professionals has been started leading the Silk Road Tourism Center, located in the historic city of Samarkand, Uzbekistan, built by Eriall Group, one of the leading companies in the country.

With an investment of approximately one billion dollars, the tourism center boasts eight hotels under different brands (including one Hilton, two Hilton Garden Inns, two Holiday Inns, one Crown Plaza, and two Minyouns), totaling 2,500 beds.

Additionally, the facility includes a 3,000-seat convention center and a replica of the historic city called Eternal City.

Nevzat Biçer, Sales and Marketing Director of the Silk Road Tourism Center, emphasized the significant tourism potential of Samarkand. Biçer noted their commitment to implementing a pricing and service policy in the hotels and convention center that reflects the reality of Samarkand and the region, explaining their parallel progress towards their goals.

Silk Road Samarkand

"The second major investment is being made in Bukhara"

Sharing information about the second investment, which is a continuation of the project, the Sales and Marketing Director of the Silk Road Tourism Center stated, "This project is located in the city center of Bukhara. It will consist of three hotels with a total of 900 beds and a convention center. The hotels here are also planned to carry the Hilton, Sheraton, and Crown Plaza brands. We are involved in the planning and design stages of this investment as well. It is risky to do the same things in every city. Samarkand and Bukhara have different potentials and realities, and the projects need to be designed accordingly."

"6 out of 8 hotel managers are Turkish"

Nevzat Biçer, providing information about the hotels within the Silk Road Tourism Center, new investments, and Turkish personnel, shared the following details:

Except for the Minyoun hotels, all general and department managers of the hotels are Turks. There are a total of 40 Turkish tourism professionals working here, including 18 department managers. Additionally, the food and beverage manager of the Minyoun Hotel is also Turkish. While the operators of Minyoun hotels market the facility in China, we handle it in Türkiye and other markets. Of course, to eliminate management weaknesses, we will strengthen the personnel in these hotels with individuals from Türkiye.