Minister of Culture and Tourism, Mehmet Nuri Ersoy, gave information about Türkiye's goals for German market at ITB Berlin, which opened its doors for the 55th time this year.

Highlighting that Türkiye hosted 6.3 million German visitors last year, Ersoy expressed optimism for 2024, stating, "Initial data is very promising. We observe a growth of over 20% in early bookings. In some operators, this rate is even higher. We hope to surpass the 7 million mark for Germany in 2024."

Ersoy underscored Türkiye's more ambitious goals for 2024, saying, "This year, we aim for 60 million visitors and $60 billion in revenue. Hopefully, we will exceed this target. By 2028, we aim to raise tourism revenue to $100 billion."

Ersoy emphasized Turkey's aim to increase its market share, especially in the European market, stating:

Tourism is a key sector for the Turkish economy – Narin Tourism is a key sector for the Turkish economy – Narin

"In addition, we have identified new destinations in the Far East markets as target markets in our portfolio. In order to attract more upper income group tourists in the European market, we transitioned to new strategies by the end of 2018. We closed 2017 with an average spending of $65 per person. Last year, we increased spending per tourist tı $99. We aim to reach $106 per person next year. As Türkiye, we plan to exceed $130 spending per tourist by 2028. In this context, we aim to enter the market with different product varieties. Not only sea, sand, and sun as before. With the intense promotional power of the Tourism Development Agency, we want to achieve both product diversity and increase the number of targeted destinations, which are the destinations that provide us with passengers and tourists."

Editor: Haber Merkezi