For Russians, holiday packages to Türkiye in the summer of 2024 will became 20-30 percent cheaper comparing to previous year. According to representatives of the tourism sector, Turkish hoteliers and tour operators have reviewed their pricing policies following a decline in demand from Russian tourists last year.

According to a report on GazetemRu, the tour operator ANEX Tour stated, "In recent years, early booking in Türkiye has seen less demand among consumers compared to the pre-pandemic period. Therefore, this year, the hotel industry and tour operators have decided to join forces and offer the most favorable deals to the market during the early booking stage before the season starts. The 2024 pricing policy anticipates a 20-30 percent price reduction in packages compared to last year."

A decrease in holiday costs is also confirmed by Resort Holiday. Anna Tkachenko, the company's commercial director, stated, "After an extremely unsuccessful season last year, many hotels in Turkey revised their pricing policies. The contract prices we receive from hoteliers have now decreased on average from 10 to 17 percent, meaning the final price of the tour has decreased by as much as this value."

Intourist calculated the average cost of a cheaper holiday in Türkiye stating, "In 2023, the average price per tourist was 1,147 euros, while in 2024 it is currently 1.13 euros per person. Thus, the exchange rate difference is already at least minus 12 pe compared to last year's prices."

Industry representatives report that the pricing policy on the Turkish side is encouraging Russians to book more actively for summer tours, with figures significantly higher than the dynamics of last year.