President of Akdeniz Touristic Hoteliers and Operators Association (AKTOB) Kaan Kavaloğlu, who suggested that the all-inclusive system should be loosen after successful seasons in Türkiye, stated, "After consecutive successful seasons, I think the all-inclusive system should also be lightened. Due to intense competition, while we have put many things into all inclusive system, our competitors haven't done the same. So we need to take a step back and have already started working on this. We planned the all-inclusive system as low, medium, and high levels. We reported it based on the hotels' income. We will now determine the standard of this system."

"Industry should make balance alignment adjustments"

Emphasizing the need for renovation of hotels, Kavaloğlu said, "Let's not forget,  thanks to the renewal of our facilities, we became competitors to Spain. Spain has many worn-out hotels. But they are renewing them using the financial support provided by the European Union (EU). We also need to take precautions in this regard. Why? Because our facilities are aging. It is essential to prepare for this situation. The industry should make balance alignment adjustments. Financing will be needed for this. Because good seasons do not come consecutively, and if we cannot make a profit, we will have to do this with equity. This means limited movement. I am not talking about the annual maintenance of hotels; I am talking about robust maintenance. Therefore, it is necessary to sit down and plan for this issue from now on."

"We should plan the system first for 7, then for 12 months"

Kavaloğlu, expressing the need to take steps without losing the price advantage in 2024, made the following statements:

Two new hotel investments in Konya and Mersin! Two new hotel investments in Konya and Mersin!

"It is not necessary to talk early about the 2024 season. We must take steps in the new season without losing our price and service advantage. We are examining whether hotels can open early, whether the season can start in April, and whether we can extend the season. Of course, there is also the spread of tourism throughout the months. We always say 12 months of tourism, but we need to be realistic. We should plan the system first for 7, then for 12 months."

Editor: Savaş Daş