Turkish hoteliers, whose expectations were not met on early booking period, focused on last minute sales, president of Alanya Hoteliers Association Burhan Sili says.

Russia-Ukraine war, pressure on currencies, earthquake…

Sili also said that losses from Russia-Ukraine war remain still on balance sheets of hotels.
"On the other hand, increasing costs due to high inflation and exchange rates that have remained stable for a long time, inconvenienced on travel sector which has to set its prices a year in advance. The insufficient level of early bookings, along with the interruption of reservations for a while after the earthquake disaster in our country, and subsequently the slow pace of reservations during the election period, led us to focus on last-minute bookings." Burhan Sili said.

Weak demand on luxury holiday

Hoteliers from Türkiye's Bodrum and Antalya suffer weak demand from Russian luxury travellers in high season. Due to economical crises in Türkiye and weak demand from foreing markets, upper upscale segment properties operate with 40-50 percent occupancy.

According to experts, who talk to Turizm Güncel, said that luxury hotels that reached the very good occupancy level with a good prices last year, avoided early booking discount in 2023.

"As a result of this, that hotels face serious occupancy problems in middle of season and nothing to do done at the moment. Because those are high-cost hotels and it is not possible to go serious price cut." experts said.

Editor: Savaş Daş