AKTOB President Kaan Kavaloğlu's proposal to categorize the all-inclusive system into low, medium, and high levels has become a significant discussion topic among Turkish tourism professionals. It was first mentioned by CEO of Bentour, Deniz Uğur.

Kaan Kavaloğlu, AKTOB President, expressed the need for a tiered approach to the all-inclusive system, stating, "After several successful seasons in a row, I believe the all-inclusive system needs to be lightened. Due to fierce competition, we have overfilled certain things. Our competitors are not working as intensively. We will need to take a step back. We have also worked on making this work. We planned the all-inclusive system in low, medium, and high levels, and we reported it based on the hotels' income. We will now determine the standard for this system."

Tourism professionals ,who are members of the Professional Hotel Managers Platform, have different perspectives on the proposed revision to the all-inclusive system. Some suggest that it should only be provided in 4 and 5-star hotels, while others argue that the existing system needs to be disciplined.

Some viewpoints from tourism professionals on the platform include:

*I view it positively. Facilities can tailor their sales accordingly. A 3-star hotel won't enter a system offered by a 5-star hotel.

*I believe it should be prohibited for hotels below 4 stars and without certification. Standards should be set for 4 and 5-star hotels based on their services and the food and beverages they offer.

*Hotels that have not improved and have only received stars because their units are sufficient, with cockroaches in their kitchens and only chicken in their buffets, need proper inspections even if they are 5-star facilities.

*We need to fully understand what is being considered. What is the concept? The revision of the all-inclusive is the only thing I am sure of; it should be adapted to current conditions, economy, and ecology.

* The professionals also discuss issues such as whether some aspects of the all-inclusive should be paid, the state of quality personnel, restructuring cashiers and accounting, and the need for clear marketing concepts.

* Finally, the statement emphasizes the evolution of accommodation services from bed and breakfast to various forms of all-inclusive and suggests that the concept of a tiered system may involve standardizing services based on the facilities' classes, physical structures, and other criteria. The role of tourism stakeholders, including tour operators/agencies and the Tourism Ministry, in adopting and strictly monitoring this standardization is highlighted, along with the potential benefits of implementing a floor price policy.

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Editor: Savaş Daş