How much does FTI owe to Turkish hotels? How much does FTI owe to Turkish hotels?

The discussion about an extended summer season is nothing new. In the past, such plans often failed due to a lack of flight capacity. Airlines and tour operators often justified this by saying that there were not enough hotels open in the destinations to make the flights profitable.

But over-tourism debates and, not least, numerous fires in mid-summer last year are apparently making spring and autumn more attractive in the eyes of customers and the travel industry. "Summer holidays until late autumn are the trend," says Stefan Baumert, CEO of TUI Germany. This is the reason why TUI is extending the season on Crete until November 23rd and offering 39 additional flights with 7,300 additional seats to Heraklion alone. Rhodes and Kos are also offering extended booking options with additional flights until November 9th.

Earlier start of the season, later end

TUI started the summer season in Greece on March 26th - according to Baumert, "earlier than ever before". The season is now being extended to 38 weeks, 268 days. The demand for vacation trips now goes "far beyond the usual high season," says Baumert. Guests are increasingly looking for flexibility in travel times. And the trend towards cultural and sporting trips in spring and autumn is also gaining in importance.

Adding 7 flights to Dalaman until 8th of November

According to TUI, Dalaman on the Turkish Aegean as well as Djerba and Enfidha-Hammamet in Tunisia will also be extended. According to the operator, Dalaman can be booked with seven additional flights until November 8th. Tunisia will receive a season extension and six additional flights in November.

Editor: Haber Merkezi