In a celebratory message for Tourism Week, Oya Narin, President of the Tourism Investors Association (TTYD), emphasized their aim to maximize Türkiye's tourism potential. Narin stated:

"Türkiye's tourism stands out among the locomotive sectors of our economy, with revenues surpassing $54 billion in 2023 and a target of $60 billion for 2024. Contributing positively to our country's foreign trade balance by generating foreign exchange inflows, tourism also creates value for many other sectors, providing significant benefits in areas ranging from employment to the development of local economies.

As TTYD, promoting our cultural richness to the world on the international stage is one of our most important missions. Accordingly, we will continue our efforts to strengthen Turkey's position as an international tourism brand.

Fettah Tamince unveils secrets to success in tourism Fettah Tamince unveils secrets to success in tourism

We aim to maximize our country's tourism potential and further strengthen our sector globally by ensuring that Turkey's natural, historical, and cultural riches, as well as its opportunities in various fields such as health, sports, and conferences, reach wider audiences worldwide.

With these sentiments and thoughts, I extend my congratulations to every institution, organization, and individual contributing to the tourism sector, applauding their valuable contributions and successes in the industry. I wish the entire tourism community a happy Tourism Week."

Editor: Haber Merkezi